Traveling to Oahu on a budget

7651050304_img_3068So this post is going to be multi-part. I’ll be adding to it as I finalize our trip to O’ahu. We leave in 1 month and will be staying in Waikiki for 2 weeks! I booked our condo through Redawning vacation rentals. It’s in the heart of Waikiki, with plenty of amenities and can fit my whole tribe and it cost $2,000 total. No resort fees and free parking! I’ve booked through Redawning before and had a great experience so hopefully it pans out the same this time around! I’ll keep y’all posted. I’ve also booked our snorkeling trip. I booked it through Eo Waianae Tours, and even scored 30% off our snorkeling package which included lunch & is baby friendly, for a total of $500. Our luau is booked through Diamond Head Lū’au. Unfortunately there was no discount. If you guys know of a better option for a Lū’au in O’ahu let me know! I do want it to be beach front which is why I passed on the Polynesian Cultural Center. I had originally purchased GoCards sold by SmartDestinations but found I wasn’t saving any money at all. They only allow use of your 3, 5, or 7 day pass on 1 premium activity which sucks because the two main events we wanted was a Lū’au and snorkeling. Which after all is said and done, the Lū’au and snorkeling trip cost the same amount as the GoCards (each person has to have a GoCard, kids are discounted and my teen is treated as an adult). They did have a snorkeling option that wasn’t premium but it is self guided at Hanauma Bay. I would highly recommend a guided one where you get to go out to sea (hopefully in calm waters) that has lunch & snacks provided. It’s well worth the cost especially if your going as a family with little ones who get hungry and cranky if they don’t eat! So far our trip is just under 5k, which includes airfare, lodging, 2 main activities, and car rental. I would say not shabby considering we are staying for 2 weeks! Our condo does have a full kitchen which we plan on utilizing to help offset costs but we do plan on enjoying the food scene while out there! I plan on updating this post to give you a more accurate reflection of what our total costs were and my experience with the vendors we used, though that may be a separate blog post altogether 😉




3 thoughts on “Traveling to Oahu on a budget

  1. Zac January 3, 2018 / 11:26 am

    Sounds like you guys are in for an awesome trip! We haven’t seen Hawaii yet, hoping to in the new year. Is Oahu your favourite place there?


    • Humble Fashionista January 3, 2018 / 5:08 pm

      Thanks! We’ve never been to O’ahu, this will be our first. Last March we went to Maui and loved it. From what I hear O’ahu has more stuff to do which is why we opted this route since we will have the kiddos.

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      • Zac January 3, 2018 / 11:38 pm

        Makes sense, thanks for the info!

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