Weekend snow trip

We decided to spend this past weekend enjoying the snow (even though it is officially spring 😉). We headed up towards Lake Tahoe but we didn’t actually need to go that far. A little past Pollock Pines off of HWY 50 we got snowed on. We even found a nice little hill that the kids and I went sledding down. I have to say living in Northern California does have its perks.

City on a hill

I love San Francisco! The hustle and bustle of the city. This past weekend we decided to take trip to the city for some Mac n cheese! Yup, just to have some Mac n cheese 🙂 But not just any Mac n cheese… we originally were going to eat at Mac’D but than once I yelped it I came across Mac Daddy and I decided on the later! The kids and hubby liked it so that’s a plus. Mac Daddy was a bit tight in terms of space, but we managed to all fit, we just took up the only table space available. The rest of the seating was at their bar. The waiter was nice and attentive. I really liked their Goat Mac! Once we were done we decided to stroll down the block to Farley’s for some coffee. Cutest little coffee shop and my kids were so awed by the type writer lol (didn’t realize those still existed) surprisingly I still knew how to use one! Hubby admitted that their coffee was pretty strong but than again he did have 3 shots in his!

Shark Fin Cove

A tucked away gem! On a sun shining warm day it’s a perfect get away. Best time to go is during the week where hopefully you’ll miss the crowds. The water is cold even on a 90 degree day, so if you want to swim or boogie board I’d recommend a wet suit. I’ve boogie boarded without one and lasted 30 minutes with frequent breaks in between. I just entered Shark Fin Cove into my google map and it lead the way. It’s located off of Highway 1 in Davenport.

Let it Snow

My favorite time of year to visit Lake Tahoe is by far winter! It’s a 2 hour drive from where we live and we pass through the city where in my in laws live so we get a chance to fit in a visit with them too. Tahoe is also beautiful during the summer but in the winter when we get good levels of snow it transforms into a winter wonderland! I’ll never forget last winter when we spent every weekend up there in December and January.  The snow levels along parts of the highway were 20ft high with some people pulling over to go skiing! This year I didn’t get a chance to spend as much time that way because we just had Zakiyah but the snow isn’t going anywhere anytime soon so we do plan on heading back that way soon! These photos are from last year and our recent visit from Thanksgiving weekend.