My journey

When I decided to go back to grad school (again) it was at the time more about checking off an item that I had on my life’s bucket list. It of course has since than evolved into so much more. A spiritual & emotional journey to say the least. To be honest, I held off the program for so long because I wasn’t in the right emotional and physical space to begin a marriage and family therapy program. From my experience, many of the healers I’ve encountered in my program and in the field have been wounded themselves, survivors of various forms of trauma. They find themselves in the field as a way to help others. It’s really a beautiful thing to see unfold. Which leads me to my next point that it’s so important to process through your own set of demons before attempting to help others. And just in general, to grow as a human being, emotionally. Now that I’m in my practicum component of the program, I’m starting to narrow down my niche. What’s my target population I want to serve. And it’s becoming more apparent as time moves on. I want to help victims of trauma. Help them shed their feelings of unwanted shame and give birth to a person with untapped potential to be the best version of themselves. I came across this article that I found so insightful and thought I’d share.

โ€œThe act of releasing your shame is โ€“ in itself โ€“ healing. So I went back to people I trusted, and I began to talk about what had happened to me when I was younger. Far from shaming me, far from thinking it showed I was broken, they showed love, and helped me to grieve for what I had gone through.โ€